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From the edge of Essex-London comes Maxfield. Conjuring up bass line frequencies any hip hop fan would be proud of, you should mix in squelching, searing and at times jagged, taut guitar licks, twisting synths and gritty skeletal funk.

Throw in breathtaking lyrics and rasping, melodic, vocals that chew you up and spit you out, and you have Maxfield: indie rock with a twist, fronted by the captivating persona that is Valerie Maxfield.

Maxfield have been captivating audiences with their combustible exuberance and sheer knack for writing their brilliant brand of indie rock. They’ve shared the stage with The Magic Numbers, Jackson Scott, Natalie Imbruglia, Piney Girs, Lucie Silva, SOHO DOLLS, Lefthand, Tim Arnold, Nuala, and Air Traffic.

Made up of singer/songwriter Valerie Maxfield, keyboard player Julian Chown, drums Clive Jenner guitar Adam Mackie and bass Wojtek Krol, their sound is eclectic, funky, rocky and loud; as one reviewer said: "This band has a touch of Nirvanaesque going on, sprinkled with Lenny Kravitz Meet Red Hot Chilli Peppers and oozing Asian Dub Foundation and The Specials, but with a female attitude, IT ROCKS!"