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The Dirty have no contemporaries - you’re either with them or against them.

The songs are all that matter, with their nod to the originality of real rock ’n’ roll, the energy of punk and an edge that makes everyone sit up and take notice. These aren’t jaded little arrangements called “songs”, there is no empty posturing or bravado here – The Dirty are their songs.

The live performance is a trip into showmanship and on-stage abandon, forged out of a sound that is primal, on the edge and, of course, dirty.

Full of self-belief from the moment of their inception, the band, made up of Kyrill on vocals, Martyn – guitar, Gee – bass and Kieran – drums, have decided to play their own game. They made just three copies of their initial 3-track demo and turned down four shows before they had played one. Their first 7" single, "Cinnamon", was released in conjunction with Artrocker. The single was recorded by Toe Rag Studios engineer Ed Deegan, was put out on 7” and sold out in a week. Brown Punk feature the single on the “Tricky presents Brown Punk” long player along with “Take Me” and the band are currently rehearsing ahead of their autumn tour.