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The Gospel is the brainchild of Cardigans and Franz Ferdinand producer Tore Johansson, and Danish singer Kira Skov. The genre – defying sounds of The Gospel combine swampy blues with a unique combination of rocking guitar riffs, melodic bass lines, quirky drums and surprising chord changes, resulting in a goose- bump inducing musical melange.

Tore and Kira are joined by Jens Linggard on bass and drummer Petter Lindgard as well as keyboard player (and classically-trained composer) Martin Gjerstad. Kira’s cameo in the Tricky directed Brown Punk movie, released as part of the Tricky presents Brown Punk label, is both a superb acting debut, and also a mesmerising musical performance of “Skating Your Pool”, hailed as a highlight of the 50 minute piece.

Blues for the people. Pop for those who’d never get it. This is The Gospel featuring Kira. In all its simplicity. A brave and brilliant work in progress.