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Gee stop being such a lazy arse, stop watching Hair 'Mental' videos and do something useful and write a blog about the tour..... Not my words but my 'instructions'
So here's my take on what i remember of the two shows we played on the 11th n 12th of November
11/11/07 Oxford Academy
Mart drove up today as we all needed a bit of a lie in, and Oxford aint that far away from good old Reading. Found Kiz in the Clad' ring on the way, i mean we knew he was there and that was the plan, but wasn't totally sure if we'd find him. (For those of u who know Kiz, u'll know what i mean..) Drove all the way there without ONE stop! (For those of u who know how we travel, that's something special.) Fuck this venue has changed! Last time we were here was to watch ummmmmmm a band called Hog Boy? Years ago, and it was The Zodiac back then. A lot cleaner than i remember, and a lot bigger..... Sounds like a girl i used to know?????? Ha, i like that!
Sound check was cool, were sounding so tight...... No dressing rooms tonight, just two crates of Stella and a cold stairwell with no electricity, and no mirrors. Fuck no eyeliner then? But as usual the 80's boys are cool as fuck, and they have us share their dressing room again. Nice one boys! Were first on tonight as were also playing with Zico Chain, so here's hoping it gets busy by the time were on....
8:00 Showtime. Sweet its busy, well ish. At least a couple of hundred.... Walked on stage to the shout of "get your haircut mate" Fuck i thought we were playing in Reading for a sec, and still not sure if it was directed at me or Kyrill! Fuck it, staright into The Strip, Black Sugar and Cinnamon. Ah sorry, 'Why, I Think It's Love' Grab a huge cheer from the crowd, the rest of the set is a bit hazy in my memory? But obviously good as we leave to a massive applause. Pleased, as no fucker came to watch us tonight apart from mine and Marts parents who I believe were deafened by the end! So i guess the crowd reactions are genuine. Before we get offstage some guy's straight up banging on about when our single is released...... So yeah, we done good.
Kyrill dissapears quick tonight, he has a birthday to celebrate with his missus. Leaves myself Kiz n Mart with a fair bit of cash and informs us to enjoy ourselves. Mart's driving so just the one for him, so Kiz n I Drink the rest in the value of Jager. Looking forward to watching 80's Matchbox the place is rammed by now, they played an awesome set, nout changes. Love Turns To Hate sounded awesome.
Spent the rest of the night in the dressing rooms with all the boys from The 80's doing what boys do best, talking football, music and seeeeeeeeeeeex. (Talking that is, talking!) After, took all the gear downstairs to store till tomorrow, as we were gonna pick it up on the way to Exeter. Only to be told it's gotta be moved back upstairs. For theeeeeeeeen only to have Mart call, and say he's been waiting downstairs in the car for the last 20 minutes for us to load the gear in. Shit. So yep, all the way back downstairs again amps, guitars, embarrassed faces the lot. Yeah u got it, very very VERY Spinal! 
12/11/07 Exeter The Cavern
Woke up with a pillow covered in eyeliner and a head full of shit! Why o why? Pink John finally gets here and we get on the road. As i said earlier, we have a mad addiction for doing stops when were travelling and stopped four times today...... Fag stop, (no smoking in the tour van, real Rock n' Roll eh?) TWO kfc stops?! And a stop for some Malteasers, which was probably the worst decision we've ever made..... This particular service station freaked the fuck outta me. Nothing against old people, it happens to us all right? But this place had no customers apart from the over 70, seriously. Yep we had the jokes, "My Nan was a tough women, she buried three husbands and two of em were just napping......" No napping here for this lot, their flying about the place on their bikes smashing into everyone, crazy. Grabbed the Malteasers and got the fuck back to the van!
Got to the venue about six, cool place. I like little basement gigs like this, small ceilings, small stage, it always sounds so good. Getting fed here too! All three bands sat round a couple of tables and had the feed together. Good times....... Sound check went cool again, we must be getting good at this????????? It's the last night of The 80's Matchbox tour tonight, so we all promised ourselves we were gonna have the proper blow out. Plus celebrated drinks on the menu too, as 80's boys have just secured a two week tour with QOTSA, Fucking amazing! Fair fucks ta em, they deserve it. Hey, and it's free booze again so no excuse eh? Backstage room was the size of a shoe box again, so plenty of close sexual lovingness going on. Gig was awesome, played to a great crowd and everyone seemed to love it.... Especially Mart, who was so over excited after, he thought he would ask the owner of the venue if she knew of anyone we could get uhhhhhhhhhh ahem 'pro plus?' Mart's ideas eh? But this was the best, fucking classic! We wern't so lucky tho, but lucky enough not to get thrown out...... Sold a fair few t-shirts tonight too, sweet as.... But gotta say a huge thank u to the guy who travelled over 100 miles just to come see us, sorry man, real bad with names. But when someone u dont know travels that far on their own just to see u, but not be as well off as the next, and still at the end try and give u every last thing they have in their pocket for a t-shirt, it really means a lot and makes the whole thing we do make sense. We could of sold a 1000 or just the one, and we would of been happy. But all n all, that just done it for me. Anways, im sure we gave that one away as a freebie or at least half price? Hey man, hope your wearing it well?! So, a 3hr drive home then a week off. Sweet, plenty of sleep sounds good ta me?! Nice.

Gee Dirty x

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